PMC AP-EX Extended Reach Spray Foam Gun

PMC Extended Reach Spray System


AP-EX PMC Extended Reach Spray System

Reach NEW HEIGHTS with the new PMC Patent Pending Spray System

  • Excellent for Coatings and Foam
  • On and Off the Job Safer and Faster
  • Minimize the Use of Ladders and Scaffolding
  • Less Bending for Spraying the Bottom of the Stud Walls
  • Eliminate Blow Back onto Face Shield and Body
  • Ideal for Use on Certain Special Roofing
  • Easily Spray a 10’ Stud Wall
  • Get Inside Rim Joists Safely
  • Ideal for Catherdral Ceilings
  • Spray overheads Easily
  • Adjustable Head
Maximum Working Pressure
3,500 psi
(245 bar)
Air Pressure
90-125 psi
(6.2-8.6 bar)
Maximum Output (1:1 ratio)
40 lb/min
(20 L/min)
Minimum Output (1:1 ratio)
3.3 lb/min
(1.55 L/min)
Opening Force @ 110 psi (8 Bar)
200 lb (91 kg)
Closing Force @ 110 psi (8 Bar)
200 lb (91 kg)
Weight (with coupling block)
8.25 lbs (3.74 kg)
Weight (without coupling block)
7.56 lbs (3.43 kg)


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