PMC AP-2 Parts



PMC AP-2 Parts

Use this selector to purchase individual parts for replacement.  Please refer to the exploded view image for accurate part identification.

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GU-021 Manual Valve Stem, GU-022 Manual Valve Housing, GU-023 Manual Valve Seat, GU-04001-01 Coupling Block Body, GU-04007 Screen Screw Seal, GU-04019 Air Hose, GU-801 Air Cylinder, GU-802 Piston, GU-803 Cylinder End Cap, GU-804 Lock Knob, GU-806 Spring, GU-807 Two Position Stop, GU-808 Shoulder Bolt, GU-812 Lock Collar, GU-814-000 Chamber 000 w/ Drills, GU-814-00X Chamber 00X w/ Drills, GU-814-01 Chamber 01 w/ Drills, GU-814-01X Chamber 01X w/ Drills, GU-814-02 Chamber 02 w/ Drills, GU-814-02X Chamber 02X w/ Drills, GU-814-03 Chamber 03 w/ Drills, GU-814-04 Chamber 04 w/ Drills, GU-815-000 PCT 000 RND w/ Drills, GU-815-00X PCT 00X RND w/ Drills, GU-815-01 PCT 01 RND w/ Drills, GU-815-01X PCT 01X RND w/ Drills, GU-815-02 PCT 02 RND w/ Drills, GU-815-02X PCT 02X RND w/ Drills, GU-815-03 PCT 03 RND w/ Drills, GU-815-04 PCT 04 RND w/ Drills, GU-816 Gun Block, GU-816S Gun Block Steel, GU-817-180 Side Seal, #3 #4, GU-817-90 Side Seal, GU-817-90D Side Seal, Delrin, GU-818-40 Filter Screen, 40 Mesh, GU-818-60 Filter Screen, 60 Mesh, GU-818-80 Filter Screen, 80 Mesh, GU-819-A A-Screen Screw, GU-819-R R-Screen Screw, GU-823 Spool Valve, GU-824 Spool Valve Spring, GU-825-1 Spool Valve Liner, GU-825-2 Liner Bushing, GU-826 Air Manifold, GU-827-1 Gun Handle, GU-828 Trigger, GU-829 A/P Check Valve, GU-830 Air Cylinder Bushing, GU-831 Retaining Screw, GU-833 Hose Adapter, GU-836 Side Mount, GU-842 Head Latch, GU-851 Check Valve Seat, GU-852 Check Valve Spring, GU-853 Check Valve Ball, OR-00002A O-Ring, OR-00026A O-Ring, OR-00037B O-Ring, OR-00042A O-Ring, OR-00043B O-Ring, OR-015 O-Ring, OR-016 Back-up Ring, OR-800 Back-up Ring, OR-801A O-Ring, OR-803 O-Ring, OR-804 O-Ring, OR-805 O-Ring, RA-00005A A-Side Fitting, RA-00006A R-Side Fitting, Retainer Ring Split-Set, Retaining Ring GU-837, SP-04005 Spring, TN-04186 Grease Fitting, TN-04190 Shoulder Bolt, TN-04191 Nut, TN-04192 bPlug, TN-04192 Plug, TN-04193 Small Mounting Bolt, TN-04197 Large Mounting Bolt, TN-830 Bolt


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