Sheathing Fasteners

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Victory Bear Sheathing Fasteners



Victory Bear Sheathing Fasteners

The Victory Bear Quick Clip insulation retainer systems are ideal for holding insulation securely on tilt-up walls. Victory Bear clips can reduce your installation costs.
• Holds Insulation Tightly – Victory Bear Quick Clips are spring-loaded by design, to hold insulation tightly in.
• Durable – PVC is durable and will maintain its good looks for years.
• Will not split – Quick Clips withstand the impact of a nail gun without splitting.
• Easy to work with – Victory Bear Quick Clips can be saw-cut with standard power saws.
• No painting required – Victory Bear joint covers are manufactured with a smooth, attractive surface which is ready-to-install, right out of the box.
• Can be painted – If a custom color is required, the Victory Bear joint covers can be painted
Three Easy Steps to Install
• Step 1 – Align the clip retainers at widths appropriate for the insulation size.
• Step 2 – Nail or staple the Quick Clips into place.
• Step 3 –Install the insulation.
Length:12 feet
Coefficient of Linear Expansion: .0132 inches per degree F
Storage: Materials should be stores out of direct sunlight to prevent long-term deterioration or color fading. Pieces can be stacked, but should be stored fully supported to keep them from warping.

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Sheathing Fastener Selector

Flex-Tite Female 1 (for 1.0" to 1.75" Board), Flex-Tite Female 2 (for 2.0" to 2.75" Board), Flex-Tite Female 3 (for 3.0" to 3.75" Board), Flex-Tite Male 03 (for 1.0" Board), Flex-Tite Male 05 (for 2.0" to 3.0" Board), Flex-Tite Male 06 (for 1.25"" to 2.25" Board), Flex-Tite Male 09 (for 1.5" Board), Flex-Tite Male 10 (for 1.55" and 2.5" Board), Flex-Tite Male 12 (for 1.75" Board), Flex-Tite Male 13 (for 2.75" Board), J-Channel 1.5", J-Channel 2-Flex 1.0", J-Channel 2-Flex 1.50", J-Channel 2-Flex 2.00" (1.75" to 2.00"), J-Channel 2-Flex 2.50", J-Channel 2-Flex 3.00" (2.75" to 3.00"), J-Channel 2-Flex 3.20", Quick Clip Flex (T) 1.5", Quick Clip Flex 1.0", Quick Clip Flex 1.25", Quick Clip Flex 1.5", Quick Clip Flex 2.0", Quick Clip Flex 2.5", Quick Clip Flex 3.0", Quick Clip Flex 3.20"


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