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CGI Solarguard

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RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS — Solarguard is an ideal product for use in a multitude of residential applications. It is ideally suited
to be used in attic applications below the roof deck in both new construction and retrofit. Solarguard will reduce heat gain in the
attic area on a hot summer day thereby reducing the temperature differential between the attic area and the occupied space below.
The lower temperature differential will reduce the cooling load and will help keep the occupied space more comfortable. In this application
Solarguard is not designed to replace traditional fiberglass batts or blown insulation, but rather to be used in conjunction with these other
effective types of insulation. In the winter the reflective foil interior face of the Solarguard material will reflect escaping heat back towards the
occupied space below, reducing overall heat loss and lowering heating bills.

Solarguard can also be used in sidewalls, crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings and below floors. It is available in wide rolls at 48″ or 72″ wide for
stapling across the face of framing members or in narrow widths at nominal 16″ or 24″ wide for stapling between framing members.

Remember, fiberglass alone addresses only two of the three modes of heat transfer – convection and conduction. Solarguard addresses all three
modes – convection, conduction and radiation.

COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS — When installed in commercial structures such as metal buildings Solarguard can increase comfort and reduce
energy costs. In the southern states where typically 3″ or 4″ faced fiberglass is used to insulate, Solarguard is an ideal choice. The compact, lightweight rolls
are easy to handle during installation and the finished appearance of both the white and foil products is excellent. Unlike “bubble-pack” or “foam core” reflective
insulations, Solarguard does not exhibit the characteristic circular swirl or “elephant-skin” wrinkle pattern on the exposed surface. Because the core of
Solarguard is ¼” high-performance fiberglass and is bonded to a durable reinforced facing, you get a smoother, cleaner interior appearance.

While Solarguard is not recommended for use in heated structures north of the Mason-Dixon line due to the possibility of condensation formation, it is
still an ideal choice in this region if the building space will not be conditioned. Solarguard will keep the building space comfortable during the warm
summer months and provides a clean interior appearance.

Solarguard is easy to work with in both new construction and in retrofit applications. Because Solarguard is so thin, it is easy to handle. Splices are
quickly and easily made, so you can buy Solarguard in standard roll sizes, eliminating the aggravation of ordering your insulation in custom cut roll lengths
and the necessity of sorting your rolls at the jobsite to determine which rolls fit where. For retrofit applications Solarguard’s compact roll size make it simple to
install from below. The bottom photo at right shows just such an application.

Solarguard features superior flame/smoke ratings, per ASTM E84, of less than 25/50. This means that Solarguard meets the requirements of the International
Building Code (IBC) sections 718.1 -718.3. Most importantly, Solarguard acheived these test results without the use of poultry wire mesh support, which can result in
lower ratings than can be acheived without the use of such support.


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